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Relines & Repairs- Care Denture Clinic

Relines and Repairs in Edmonton and surrounding areas

If you’re experiencing difficulty in your dentures fitting, Care Denture Clinic in Edmonton may suggest relines. We offer same-day relines and one-hour repairs.

Same-Day Relines

Denture relines are essential treatment for anyone with dentures. While your dentures might be a good fit initially, they won’t always stay that way. Your mouth changes over time  and these changes can cause soreness, discomfort, and loose fitting dentures.


Relines restore your dentures to a good fit so you can go back to living your life in comfort. Care Denture Clinic offers same-day relines. It’s important to keep your dentures fitting well because they affect your chewing. Two kinds of relines exist; hard relines and soft relines, both of which are performed at our office. You can count on us for same-day relines as well.

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Denture Repairs

Your dentures may require repairs at some point during their lifespan. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or your denture has been broken in two, you can rely on us for denture repairs. If you lose a natural tooth, we can often add a tooth on to your partial denture. We are often able to repair dentures in the same day.


Call us to schedule a free consultation.


A Free Consultation for Your Dentures

At Care Denture Clinic, we offer free consultations.

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